“Over the years I have had my hands read by many palmistry readers, without doubt, you have been the best. Every event that you predicted has been accurate.”– Peter.


“Thank you so much! You have heeled me make some big decisions and I appreciate that. Your reading was so enlightening. You are fabulous! Thank you.” – Kylie


“Thank you so much, Lorraine. I cannot believe how spot on you were. I will definitely be having a party with you and hopefully spend more time on a reading. Thank you.”– Melissa


“Thank you so much, Lorraine.  Great Inspiration.” Love Katie


“I came with questions and was feeling very lost. After my reading, I feel very light and empowered. Thank you so very much.” Dorah


“Thanks for a great reading, Lorraine. I feel much more positive about things.” Nicola


“Thanks for an interesting reading! Feeling a little more certain about things.” Lauren


“Amazing!” Liz


“Fantastic! You have summed up my personality exactly! I can’t wait to see what career holds now. Thank you so much.” Bridget


“That was so amazing and very reassuring. Thank you so much! ” Brit


“Very comforting. I feel confident about my future. Thank you.” Jess


“Very interesting, thank you.” Alysha


“Everything spot on! Thanks so much for helping me with my thinking. Thanks again.” Lauren


Ï found this a calming experience that gave me an inner peace. After speaking to my friends it seems it was very interesting, enlightening and fun.” Dot


“Spot on; answered exactly what I wanted to know without asking the question!” Aaron


“Your reading gave me goose bumps. You were just so right. Thank you so much.” Robyn


“Lovely. I wish I had more time.” Amanda


Thank you very much for the reading. You marked my new hubby to be to a “T”. And my career to a “T” also. Thank you.” Rebecca


“Thank you for helping me clear my mind and to focus on my goal. You were spot on with who I am and I feel excited about what will be. The animal cards said it all!” Jacinta


“I am leaving with a new lease on life. Thank you. You have given me lots of things to think about.” Lisa


“Thanks for such a positive reading. Will be recommending you to a friend!” Seona


“Thanks for a very positive and realistic reading. I can really relate! Thanks again! ” Sam


“Awesome! Great reading. So true!” Danika


“Thank you for a great reading. It sounds like I may have a better future ahead, if I make an effort myself. Looking forward to having someone else maybe in my life. Regards,” Anthea


“Thank you so much for the reading. I really appreciate the things you had to say.” Jess


“Thank you for a very insightful reading. I feel I can relate to many of the things you had to say. Thanks again,” Jess


“Thank you so much. You have helped me makes some big decisions and I appreciate that. Your reading was so enlightening. You are fabulous!” Kylie


“Thank you for a magnificent reading. Gentle, honest and uplifting. True guidance and instils great confidence.” Vicki


“Thank you for helping me to clear up my mind and give me very good advice about how to face my life and relationship.” Lilly


“Thanks for the wonderful reading, found it very interesting.” Ita


“Thank you very much for the reading! Very true! Look forward to my future.” Tarah


“Thank you very much for the reading. I had a feeling and you have given me certainty and things to look forward to.” Gemma


“Lorraine – thank you for such and insightful and intuitive reading, you really were able to see into my soul and to know me in such a short space of time. Thanks.” Judy


“Lorraine. Thank you so much. You have given me peace of mind along with my direction for the near future.” Maria


“Thank you so much for a very interesting reading. It was very accurate.” Lisa


“Thank you for such a lovely future. I feel more certain about my future now.” Sarah


“Lovely presence, lovely person. Thank you. :)” Mary


“Very accurate! You brought a tear to my eye.” Claire


“Thank you for a great birthday reading!!” Karen


“Have had a very informative reading. Thanks very much. Taken everything on board. Many thanks” Sam 🙂
“We loved having you here to cement us! Had a great night!”


“You got my boys down at! So thrilled!”


“First reading EVER! SO GOOD!” Lou


“Love you babe!” Maria


“Thank you for a great reading. I found it very interesting.” – Kat


“A great reading. Very compassionate, understanding and easy to talk to. Very insightful. Would recommend Lorraine” Love and Light,” – Courtney


“Thank you for a magnificent reading. Gentle, honest and uplifting. True guidance and instils great confidence.” – Vicki


“Very helpful and insightful. Always positive and enlightening” – Ami


“Thank you for the reading. It was very interesting and I can’t wait to see it unfold!” – Gordana


“Great reading! Hope it all happens! I’ll make sure to remember it as it unfolds!” – Mirna


“Enjoyed the reading. It was very interesting and I consider it a valuable experience. Thank you!” – Christine


“A big thank you for the reading! I found everything you said very applicable and practical. Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out!” – Ana


“Thank you very much for the reading. You explained everything very well.” – Stef


“Wow! How true. Excellent!” – Jackie


“Exactly what I needed to reassure me” – Melissa


“Helpful information. Cleared things u for me! Has given me guidelines” – Cherie


“Thank you so much for settling my thoughts” – Amy


“I enjoyed my reading. Many thanks” – Linda


“Thank you for the reading; quite accurate, it let me know my direction” – Danielle


“Thank you, I can see where I need to be and go; it has helped heaps. Thank you very much” – Louise